Human Race in ‘SING’ Movie

I know it’s a late post because this movie was out in December 2016. But, what I like to re-tell the feeling and lesson about this story is how strong the desire of someone (or animal, in this case) can bring him to something he wanted to be.

‘There is always a way’, that’s what wise-ancient people said.

So, he never gave up. Even if he really hits the rock bottom and the naysayers’ word look so right. His big dream and the desire inside his heart never go away. When there’s an opportunity, he is not let it go. Whatever his conditions are. He, himself, change the darkness to lightness.


dims (480×720)

The animals character, I imagine it as if we–the human–are them. One kingdom: animals, but different species: koala, mouse, gorilla, pigs, etc). We are all actually can live together in peace, but never can reproduce offspring if I am a crocodile and have a partner a giraffe. That’s not gonna work.

And as one and only species of the human being on this planet, I feel so grateful, that we are all ONE. Doesn’t need to bother because falling in love with different species. Except, love for our pets, that’s another special case.