Taylor Swift’s Resumé and Her New Self: 2017 First MV



One more time, Taylor Swift makes people stunned by her performance, music, video, and her ability to integrate many things to be showed. I think she’s a genius. I admire her ability to turns the bad feelings/bad words/bad perspectives to a master piece. Look, there are people who called her a snake (urgh, I hate snakes). But, Taylor Swift shows it like: ‘Yes, I am the snake. So, here I show you what a snake looks like or what a snake can do!‘ I think that side of her is VERY COOL.

From 1989 Album in 2014, I think, she succeeds to show her more mature side. Especially, it seems like she’s really mean to show the world who Taylor Swift is. She even shows the older versions of herself. She records it all, Guys. She records all the naysayer said about her actions or anything about her life and put it on her song(s). For me, it shows how a successful person always records her/his milestones throughout her/his life and career. It shows that Taylor Swift (as all great people in this world) respect all the bads and goods of her life.

People always say that Taylor Swift cannot dance. Maybe, she was. It is normal for anyone, especially when that person is tall. That’ll be harder and they will look stiff.

In this video ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, Taylor Swift shows her dance skill. Maybe she’s already can dance or she learns it along the way. I don’t know. But, I believe that everything can be learned if you can’t do it before. What Taylor Swift’s works and herself look like, it reminds me that as an ordinary human you can be and do anything you want. Of course, all those things need process and a lot of time. So do yourself.


I love the scene where Taylor stands up on a mountain of a bunch of her older versions. She looks so confident and really believes in herself, what she really wants to have/to do/to be at the moment. She might don’t mean to be ‘that fake’ like people said. She’s just being herself. Shows many sides of herself and she’s not worried about what would be other people reacts. She didn’t expect other people to always give their opinions about everything she does, I think.

I guess, from now on, Taylor Swift will show what is the real TAYLOR SWIFT is. It will be a time where she’s being more confident, smarter, harder, and maybe ‘annoying’ for all those people who don’t like whatever she does or says. We’ll see it only makes her be more shine.



Good luck for her new album: reputation (Well, there will be no doubt).





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Fall for iKON


I got exposed to iKON since the beginning of this year. I don’t expect they’re just debut in 2015. I watched their survival program ‘WIN’ (2013). B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, June, and Donghyuk were part in Team B done the battle with Team A (later on called WINNER). Such a cruel battle between the kids who know each other well.

Some of them don’t know what to do, and the other seems bewildered. The situation was really unsure. But, they were doing what they should be doing. They all were doing great works. As an ordinary citizen, I enjoyed their performances, especially the Team B’s. They are energic, unexpected (in good ways), and more than satisfying to watch their acts.

For a couple of months, both Team A and Team B worked very hard to give a better and better and better performance every time. They had to face evaluation every month and for those special months on that survival program, they had to give a great quality of them twice than ever. Even Team B didn’t win the ‘WIN’ survival program, they showed no regrets. They are happy for the Team A’s victory. Then, they practice harder than before. It leads them to another survival program: ‘Mix & Match’ (2014). The survival between themselves to get a position to debut, with three extra trainees.

It was heart-breaking for them, I guess. Especially the Team B’s members. They had to face the reality to be split and or couldn’t debut. It was a war between themselves. They dislike the situation and dislike their feelings towards it. In the end, they keep doing their best throughout the program. It’s so amazing. All members of Team B finally chosen as the new group’s member of YG Entertainment (that time) with a name: iKON. I know two other trainees were doing their best of the best too, and with Chanwoo, their boy group is complete.

Whatever you call it (fate, etc), I think Team B’ members are hard working people, unwavering learner, and always make sure they are giving their best, regardless the situations are. They make their future become reality. It reminds me to get better with my own life too. I can imagine it, how stressed, how unsure they were about their future in those situations. But they’re young, they are must be grateful now to have those experiences at that age. I envy them.

I realize now, why iKON members look so great, professional and seem old, even though they’re just debut in 2015 (two years ago). It’s all because they’re all already have many experiences before their debut. Like other human beings who have a lot of experiences in his/her life, their–iKON–confidence has built by the ups and downs of life, get wiser along the journey, and mastering the anxiety in front of the public. Sometimes, people don’t know the differences between confidence and arrogance. And I choose to be positive. Life is always simple–that’s what the ‘Receivers of the World’ said.

– Peace –