Taylor Swift’s Resumé and Her New Self: 2017 First MV



One more time, Taylor Swift makes people stunned by her performance, music, video, and her ability to integrate many things to be showed. I think she’s a genius. I admire her ability to turns the bad feelings/bad words/bad perspectives to a master piece. Look, there are people who called her a snake (urgh, I hate snakes). But, Taylor Swift shows it like: ‘Yes, I am the snake. So, here I show you what a snake looks like or what a snake can do!‘ I think that side of her is VERY COOL.

From 1989 Album in 2014, I think, she succeeds to show her more mature side. Especially, it seems like she’s really mean to show the world who Taylor Swift is. She even shows the older versions of herself. She records it all, Guys. She records all the naysayer said about her actions or anything about her life and put it on her song(s). For me, it shows how a successful person always records her/his milestones throughout her/his life and career. It shows that Taylor Swift (as all great people in this world) respect all the bads and goods of her life.

People always say that Taylor Swift cannot dance. Maybe, she was. It is normal for anyone, especially when that person is tall. That’ll be harder and they will look stiff.

In this video ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, Taylor Swift shows her dance skill. Maybe she’s already can dance or she learns it along the way. I don’t know. But, I believe that everything can be learned if you can’t do it before. What Taylor Swift’s works and herself look like, it reminds me that as an ordinary human you can be and do anything you want. Of course, all those things need process and a lot of time. So do yourself.


I love the scene where Taylor stands up on a mountain of a bunch of her older versions. She looks so confident and really believes in herself, what she really wants to have/to do/to be at the moment. She might don’t mean to be ‘that fake’ like people said. She’s just being herself. Shows many sides of herself and she’s not worried about what would be other people reacts. She didn’t expect other people to always give their opinions about everything she does, I think.

I guess, from now on, Taylor Swift will show what is the real TAYLOR SWIFT is. It will be a time where she’s being more confident, smarter, harder, and maybe ‘annoying’ for all those people who don’t like whatever she does or says. We’ll see it only makes her be more shine.



Good luck for her new album: reputation (Well, there will be no doubt).





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– peace –


Admiring Martin Garrix’s Works

He is so much younger than me. He is more amazing than me. His work is more extraordinary than whatever I ever did. 

ADMIRE is the right word for ‘my thing’ for him. It is not a jealousy, but more be like amazed by what he has done. I always to dream big, but never know what to do and how to do to get it. I always look up to my parents, whatever they said, I do. Then I realize, I should do what I really believe, even if I’m scared. Because in this life–my life–there’s so much flaws (so do my neighborhood, my parents, my siblings, my friends, and my knowledges). What they think (what I think) they know (I know) that’s always limited. So, that’s why do anything is so more giving an impact when you do it at young age–like Martin Garrix does.

Martin Garrix, after all, is a great boy. He does his things from an early age. Produce so many great works. Plus, he loves what he is doing. He is grateful, I think. 

When I heard Garrix’s works, I think he has the Dutch music type. It is the same with other Dutch DJs. They’re kind have a glimpse similar sound (nothing’s not right, though). Then, Martin Garrix add his own taste to his works that makes it more hype and today’s milenial generation color. 

I always admire people who loves what they do and do their job without demand anything big, unless satisfaction for themselves. They are doing that for themselves. I envy those kind of people. 

The newest performance from Martin Garrix is Live Tomorrowland 2017. They have so many new songs. Some are unreleased. My favorite is ‘So Far Away’ by Martin Garrix & David Guetta ft. James Arthur & Ellie Goulding. What is yours?

– peace –

P.S : I lack of remember or distingush the type of music/trends name. But I can feel those differences. I will always learn and get more practise to know it. 

iKON Comeback May 2017

After a year of break, they’re back with new concept–their two MVs show it all. I know, there’s many people who says that their new songs and or their concept are weird, not suit for them, bad taste, awkward music, etc. But, I kinda like it. This is only my short opinion. I’m not an expert. I’m a music lover.

The first time I saw the BLING BLING MV, I think of a futuristic-dark-street style (I don’t know how to say it better). The music video is eye-cathing. How they shot the angle or scene one by one are nice to see. For me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see clearly each members’ face. Well, that might be part of their concept too–with all of the fashion concept. I don’t know. The choreography are easy to follow. The song and music itself is addictive. I like it. One thing that is funny for me is when they’re nodding their heads several time for no reasons ‘바보 가타’ like stupid (in good ways, of course).

And then, there’s B-DAY MV. I don’t know Korean really well, so I thought this music video is really weird (more weird than BLING BLING, in good ways) and funny. First, the choreograpy when they acted as a puppy? or a bee? I think that came out of nowhere. What’s the connection between title ‘B-Day’ and a bee? The visual graphic they used are surprising. Not only that, the heads of the bees are themselves. It was hilarious. If they’re really meant it as a ‘weird or strange or unusual’ concept, I think they got it right. The concept is really catchy.

Well, over all, I like their new concept for their comeback this time. As young generation, they’re not afraid to try and show something new, for themselves and to other people. Not afraid of being told that is a mistake or it is a bad move.

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